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How It Works - An Excel Learning Platform

  1. Take an EXCEL CHALLENGE and find out what you don't know.
  2. Learn what you don't know via the EXCEL VIDEO COURSE.
  3. Review KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS and EXCEL FUNCTIONS in simple concise lists.
  4. Re-take the EXCEL CHALLENGE to learn by doing and to improve your RANKING.
  5. ADVANCE your career to the next level. Job security,

Excel Content - Built for Business

Think you're awesome in Excel? Prove it! Take a challenge, score 100%, get ranked. Repeat until you're #1. Show the world you've got skills... not just a degree!

Take a challenge, find out what you don't know, learn it, retake the Challenge until you ACE it. Then, get ranked and see where you stack up against the competition.

11+ hours of video tutorials, downloadable follow-along Excel files, and hundreds of text and GIF explanations. All beautifully linked to Excel Challenges so you only learn what you don't already know.

You won't find the basics here. This blog is all about discussing real world business examples where Excel is pushed to its limits. Excel is amazing... but it takes practice.

Excel for business is about efficiency, which begins with learning keyboard shortcuts. Not sure about the shortcut's usefulness? Simply link to the video lesson & watch it in action.

Learn all 450+ functions or the most common in increments of 25. Don't know how to use the function? Simply link to the video lesson & watch it in action.

Save content you will likely need to refer back to - Video, Text, GIF, Shortcut, Function.

Pricing - $99 Lifetime Access

FIRST - 5-Day FREE Trial.

THEN - Get $20 coupon for taking the Shortcut Challenge

Investing in your career has never been more affordable

"You're only worth the value you provide" - Said All Bosses

"Investing in your career is a waste of money" - Said No One... Ever

Learn more, know more, earn more... We'll help you every step of the way, promise.