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What qualifications does the instructor have?

Hi, I'm Steve Crute, founder and creator of I'm a CPA and love Excel. In January 2015, I had an idea to help improve everyone's Excel skills as fast as possible. Fast forward a year and a half - after making many tweaks along the way - the site was ready for launch. The site provides all the info to help you become either proficient in Excel or the office guru. It's built for business and it's the fastest way to learn excel. Learn what you don't know - take your first challenge today!

Who do I contact if I need help?

Contact us HERE.

How often will new content and features be release?

We are always working on improving the current content and creating new content weekly. Typically, new features will be released monthly and quarterly. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up on all the details.

How can I make a suggestion or request new features?

Send us any type of communication via our Contact page.

How long do shared content links last?

Social media links last 10 days for non-members.

What version of Excel do the video lessons apply to?

Currently, all video content is displayed in Microsoft Excel 2013. This version of Excel is very similar to 2007, 2010, and 2016. It is NOT required that you use 2013 - all Excel work files will operate seamlessly no matter the version you are running.

How long is the Video course?

In total, there is roughly 11 and a half hours. We understand that not all content is relevant to you, so we've create Excel Challenges to help figure out what you DON'T know. Then, we suggest content we think you should know, which will help you ace the Challenge and improve your Excel Ranking. Check out the process on the How-It-Works page.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who uses Excel for a significant part of their day and wants to grow in their career. Typically, this includes: Accounting, Finance, Analysts, Marketing, Supply Chain, etc.

What's the refund policy?

60-day refund policy... simply send us an email, no hassles!

Why should I subscribe to this learning platform instead of others?

Great question :)... Unlike other platforms and video learning sites, is 100% dedicated to Excel for business. Our platform is setup so that you learn at the most efficient rate possible. If you want to watch Excel videos and pickup a thing or two, YouTube it. But, if you want to become the office go-to for all things Excel, sign up for the free trial and start advancing in your career today!

Why should I improve my Excel skills?

Let's say you have a Finance degree and graduated with honors. Does this mean your are efficient in your job? Not entirely, right? Let's face it - you're only as efficient as you are with Excel. To be awesome at your job you need to learn as many keyboard shortcuts, functions, features, and tricks in Excel as possible to get ahead of the competition. Don't you want to stand out from the crowd?

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